We can’t stand by and let the Liberals drive local businesses into the ground!

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The Planned Liberal Tax Hike on Local business will affect you. It Could:

Force local businesses to close

Force manufacturing plants to close

Result in layoffs

Increase health care wait times

Make life harder for farmers

Make life harder for fishermen

A message from Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives

As you know, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are threatening local business with big tax hikes.

For well over a month now, I have been meeting with Canadians who are outraged about this plan.

I will be their voice in Ottawa. I won’t just stand by and let the Liberals drive local business into the ground.

That’s why we’ve launched the Save Local Business campaign.

We need your help to get this message in front of as many Canadians as possible!

Together, we can save local businesses.

Thank you so much for your support and for supporting your local business owners and their employees.

Andrew Scheer

Leader, Conservative Party of Canada

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Local businesses are the backbone of Canada. They’re where we work. Where we meet.

The jobs they create keep our communities strong.

It’s the mechanic that keeps your car running and the five people she employs. The farm that keeps your family fed, and healthy.

It’s the coffee shop down the street, and the bar where you catch up with your friends at the end of the week.

But now, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are threatening these local businesses with big tax hikes, without considering the impact it will have on jobs or our communities.

We can’t just stand by and let the Liberals drive them into the ground.

Andrew Scheer and Canada’s Conservatives have a positive vision to create prosperity and opportunity for everyone.

All across Canada, people are voicing their concerns and joining us. We’re standing up to save local business!

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Sign up if you support local business:

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